How Pretty is Your Cage?

I wonder..
Do you like every minute of it?
Do you end up normalizing it?
Do you look away when someone “misbehaves” or do you save the day?
Watching people being treated like slaves.

Do you think you’re any different
From the people who built this nation with their own self-serving intentions
People who used religion as the basis for genocide
Does it matter who actually did the crime, as much as it matters that there were people who let it happen.

I wonder…
How pretty was their cage?
Did they love their captors.
Trapped inside a system of isolation
Stealing the history of an entire nation
Through something as simple as re-education

Let’s define colonization–
History is being rewritten
“Laws” are defining an entire generation
3 strikes and you spend your entire life in prison
For something as simple as drug possession
Trying to numb a pain we can’t explain
A trauma flowing through our blood from previous generations

It’s a trick
You’re cage is just more pretty
When ⅓ of your brothers are enslaved in cages just for existing
What kind of world do think we are living
Freedom means equal opportunities to education
Living in a unpoliced nation

How Pretty is Your Cage
You owe them a debt just for existing
She worked her entire life to pay off her house
Then when she got sick, all the money went back into the system
What is the exact point for living
We give our lives away to the system of capitalism
Only to be left with no assistance

How Pretty Is Your Cage
There are ways you can tell if you’re enslaved
Just by looking at your debt to income ratio
Have you been working for more than 10 years? What do you have to show….
Are we just sustaining? OR are we living?

How pretty is your cage?
As you sleep while others can’t eat
Do you think this is how they normalized slavery in 1619
While the minority is sitting there happy with the economy, 80% of us can’t even eat.

They make our cages look so pretty
By blaming “criminality”
So we don’t have to think about our own accountability

“Don’t sleep, my sheep”