1. Priciest place to visit in Thailand: Phuket is one of the most desired places to visit in the world, but it will cost you.
    1. Everything is overpriced: hotels, food, transportation and souvenirs are extremely expensive in comparison to the rest of Thailand. So make sure you save up a lot of spending money before making your trip.
    2. Personally I enjoyed Chiang Mai & Pai (Northern Thailand) a lot more because they were both overwhelmingly affordable and there was a lot more to do like hiking, white water rafting, elephant sanctuaries and an organic food culture that I adored.
  2. Good beaches are hard to find without good research! 
    1. I have been in Phuket for 2 weeks and the only beaches worth mentioning are located at Phi Phi Islands which is a 90 minute boat ride away from Phuket. The gag is that once you get there you have to take another boat to a better beach which could be 1-3 hrs away, depending on your choice of secluded Islands.
    2. We stayed at Coconut Island, Rawai and Patong. My final verdict is that Phuket is overcrowded with LOTS of tourists and Thai people doing any and everything they can to make money off of that fact. No sarcasm or judgement at all, but when I travel I like to immerse myself within the culture completely, something I feel is nearly impossible here. 
  3. Everyone will rip you off
    1. BARGAIN. BARGAIN. BARGAIN: Most of the time the prices for anything on the street, which includes: food/transportation/gifts are all overpriced. You have to bargain and meet the merchants somewhere in the middle. This annoyed the hell out of me;  it felt like pulling teeth every time I wanted to do something.
    1. Save money and rent a bike for 200 BAHT/day which is equivalent to 7 USD/day, this way you do not have to rely on taxi drivers whose sole purpose is to make as much money as possible from a single ride. 
    1. When you visit Thailand make sure you spend your money/time at the places dedicated to providing a natural habitat for the animals; BOYCOTT rides or shows. Isolation, starving, hitting and beating are just some of the methods used to initially break their spirits and get them to behave/perform in the tourist industry. Riding also hurts their backs, so just make sure you take some responsibility & spend your money at places that promote their health/happiness & well being.