My recent trip to Miami, Florida was nothing short of amazing. I was able to snag roundtrip tickets for $90 (including taxes) flying out of Newark with Spirit Airlines. So myself and a close friend took full advantage and happily escaped the Jersey weather for just a weekend. The flight lasted no longer than 2 hours and 15 minutes, and just like that it was 75 degrees and sunny at 9am in the morning. Here are some tips for making it in Miami.

  1. If you’re a girl:
    1. Look up some good promoters: (search the hashtag #MiamiPromter on Instagram or Twitter) This is the first thing you want to do to get invited to all the cool parties. Promoters have access to yacht parties, pool parties, clubs, and will even invite you out to dinner and drinks. They need hot girls to make money, so they will make sure you drink for free and fight for your attention.
    2. Groupon is your best friend! You will be able to find 2 for 1 meals at the nicest restaurants all over Miami. Groupon is also good for water sports like paddle boarding and jet skis.
    3. Uber: For some reason Uber is 1/2 the price in Miami than it is in Jersey, so don’t even bother renting a car. Renting a car comes with additional fees and liabilities. You can Uber anywhere around south beach for under 7 bucks.
  2. If you’re a guy:
    1. If you’re a guy thinking about going to Miami, you better go with 8 girls because ratio is everything out there or go with 8 guys to split the cost of buying a table. As a guy unless you know someone, you will have to buy a table to get into any of the good parties. BUT, there is hope! If you go with 8 other guys buying a $500 table is A LOT easier.
    2. There is power in numbers, so now that your out with 8 of your closest friends rent a boat or kick it at the beach and bring a bottle!
    3. Use Groupon/Living Social for food deals and don’t forget to LIVE IT UP.

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