The first step to finding your true passion is to, “LET IT GO” (thank you Frozen). Let go of every expectation weighing you down. Expectations wear many different masks: societal, materialistic,  and most importantly…the expectations you put on yourself.

Societal expectations are external pressures that imprison your psyche. We can go into a further discussion pertaining to gender roles, relationship interactions, state-sponsored and religious holidays but that will take up way too much time. Bottom-line is we are all conditioned to act, live, talk, hold ourselves and each other to a certain standard. Anything that threatens the so-called normative way of living, thinking or being is labeled as “weird”, “crazy”, “unrealistic” or the most disgusting misappropriation of a word, “retarded”. Human beings squash, belittle, and sub-standardize each other’s differences. At a young age, teachers mold our children into a collective of similar beings, trapping their minds into the jail cell labeled, society. Where did he go? The little boy who once thought he could fly and reach the end of the universe? “The universe never ends, Benjamin; that’s impossible”, the teacher said.

Where did she go? The little girl who thought she could live among the fish. “Elena, stop being ridiculous. People cannot live underwater”, her mother laughed. These Micro-aggressive answers are slowly killing creativity and altering a very much possible reality. Slowly, as she grows up, consumed with repetitive images of what her role in society should look like, her light, dreams and reality is dimmed to fit into our “societal” one.

Children are the most creative people on the planet, barely touched by the harsh storms of self-accumulating doubt. Their dreams get pushed aside and replaced with material goods and the desire to impress others.

It goes something like this: this new car will demand respect, friends, and foster a sense of self-worth. Therefore this new car will make me happy. But the problem is, A. I don’t have money to buy this new car and/or B. If I am unhappy with myself, this new car will do nothing to aid in that department.

The idea that money and/or expensive goods will make you happy is  one of the biggest lies told by man to enslave the majority. The second biggest lie is the idea that people attracted to your money or expensive goods will make you happy.

Nowadays, money tears people apart rather than bring them together. Money is the ultimate divider and chasing it will rob you of the most priceless commodity on this earth, time. So, LET IT GO and replace the importance you put into materialistic goods into your self-worth.

Now I am not saying you can’t do what you love AND make a lot of money from it, because you absolutely can. All I am saying is that you have to first look at the entire picture without your profiteering blinders on, in order to fully understand the following question: what is the one thing you would still do, even if no one paid you to do it?